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Published Writing

"A Poem on Washing Hands With OCD”

- A prose poem

- Published in Pleiades 44.1, May 2024, as part of a special folio "On Disability"


Palms first. Front of the fingers. Run along the sides—"

"Oberon’s Court of Distress:
A Poem on OCD"


- A fairy tale poem

- Published in Crow & Cross Keys in March 2023

"The fairy walks,
humming a simple tune.
The sun shines through the leaves
to trace patterns along roots,
glittering on stems
of grass."

"The Goddess of the Sky"

- A flash fiction piece about a middle-aged couple, grief, and guilt

- Published in Tupelo Quarterly in August 2022


"Later, Angie will tell herself she didn't consciously make the decision. One moment, the weight was there, and the next it was gone--a split second. That was all."

"In Remembrance of a Season"

- A set of three poems, also including "To My First Love" and "Frida: The Broken Column"

- Published in Dodging the Rain in December 2021


"The two of us sit in rocking chairs

side by side on some porch in the country,

a maple tree high above us

or dogs playing in the snow"

"The Gay Experience: F for Faith, F for"

- A poem about the intersection of sexuality and Christianity

- A semi-finalist for the 2021 Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award

- Published in ArLiJo in October 2021

"We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church, / but some do not believe in us."

"A Dragon's Guide to the Many Uses of Ovens"

- A short story from the point of view of a young dragon

- Published in Generic in the spring of 2020


"I stumbled into the road, fangs aching from how tight I clenched my jaw. The exhaustion of the day’s journey had, it seemed, caught up to me at last."


- A short story that follows a young man on his journey through his destroyed home town as he seeks the bodies of his family

- Published in Generic in the spring of 2018


"The volcanic rock crackled, occasionally crumbling away beneath Jacob’s climbing boots as he walked."

Tales of a Navy Brat: An Anthology

- A book that contains poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and one script

- Self-published in the winter of 2015

Kindle Cover - Mulberry copy.tiff
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